Climate Change Day

Wednesday 11 November 2009, St George’s College

Environment Africa celebrates Climate Change Day with SIDA at St. Georges College:

The Swedish Embassy in partnership with Environment Africa is hosting a Climate Change Day at St George’s College on Wednesday 11 November 2009. The event is aimed at raising awareness on climate change and the upcoming United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen from 7-18 December 2009. The Climate Change Day will also be a platform for sharing ideas and progress on climate change projects and activities in Zimbabwe. The event will attract a wide range of stakeholders including government, donor organisations, civil society, business, youth groups and schools.

In many respects, the EU has taken a lead on the climate front.  As the country holding the EU Presidency, Sweden is heading Europe’s climate efforts. The Copenhagen Conference will bring together thousands of representatives from governments, business and civil society and the international community in order to try and seal a new deal on climate change.

The Swedish Embassy and Environment Africa both acknowledge that climate change is one of the biggest threats to peace, prosperity and stability in the world. Southern Africa is one of regions most vulnerable to climate change and expected to be most affected by the effects of climate change; therefore it is critical to raise awareness about the issue in Zimbabwe.

Environment Africa works with all sectors of society throughout Southern Africa to promote sustainable development. Environment Africa is proud to foster partnerships that collaboratively develop and implement African solutions to African challenges particularly on addressing climate change.  Environment Africa will be participating at the Climate Change Conference and we would like to take some of the Climate Change issues as well as the many civil society initiatives to the conference from Zimbabwe.     Climate Change is Real


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