Carry in Carry out’ officially launched by Zimbabwe Parks & Wildlife Authority

The Carry in  Carry out initiative was officially launched by Zimbabwe Parks & Wildlife Management Authority after successfully running a pilot phase in Mana Pools since March 2011, a first of its kind in Zimbabwe.  This is a new environmentally conscious initiative for Mana Pools that will see the Parks authorities enforcing an effective refuse collection system in the wildlife area.  Mana Pools was selected for the pilot project as it is a world heritage site renowned for its incredible  natural wilderness and preserved ecological areas and is known to have one of the highest concentrations of wildlife.

The Carry in Carry out project very simply means that any visitor going into the park will receive a complimentary refuse bag to collect all non-biodegradables such as beverage cans, Styrofoam, plastics etc to take out with them when they leave and will be expected to show their bag to the park rangers before exiting. Biodegradables will be collected by Parks for recycling.  In adopting this policy Zimbabwe is leading the way for the whole African continent in modeling progressive park environmental strategies.


This project has been made possible through the collaboration between Environment Africa, a local environmental lobby organization, the Zambezi Society, Parks & Wildlife Management Authority together with financial support from the Kingdom of The  Netherlands.


Although it was piloted in Mana Pools, this initiative is expected to be introduced in to other National Parks before the end of the 2012.  Carry In Carry Out has its roots in the Leave No Trace environmental movement centering around low-impact, sustainable practices that began in the United States in the late 1960’s.  Many national parks around the world have adopted this ethos from the Grand Canyon in the United States to Aconcagua in Argentina to Machu Picchu in Peru and Zimbabwe is one of the first parks on the African continent to implement this policy.


In launching the Carry In Carry Out initiative, Environment and Natural Resources Management Permanent Secretary, Ms Florence Nhekairo said the initiative is part of Zimbabwe National Park’s mission to improve the sustainability of its parks and to enhance and protect its unique wilderness beauty.  Park rangers will be better able to focus on park maintenance and education programs by not having as much rubbish to collect; additionally, less fuel will be needed to keep the incinerator running, thereby reducing our carbon footprint.


Carry In, Carry Out:  The less we leave, the more we have.



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