‘Mobilize the Earth’ – Celebrate Earth Day – 22nd April 2012

Earth Day was the brain child of Senator Gaylord Nelson with the first official Earth Day being celebrated in 1970 to promote global awareness around our planet and to respond to negative environmental impacts. Earth Day is commemorated on the 22nd of April around the world and people are encouraged to come together, to learn more about our environment and to take positive action.

As we celebrate the 42nd Anniversary of Earth Day this week, the global environmental movement is encouraging people around the world to put pressure on local, national and international leaders and governments to take strong, real action to protect and conserve our ailing environment. Talking about ‘sustainability’ is not longer an option, we all need to take individual and collective responsibility towards ‘living sustainably’.  In Africa the high use of fossil fuels is literally killing our environment, alternative renewable energies are essential.

One of the key focus areas for 2012 Earth Day is the ‘Campaign for Communities’ – today more than ever, leaders around the world are at the forefront of addressing the impacts of climate change and other environmental challenges facing their communities while at the same time struggling to balance budgets, create jobs, and produce energy savings. Campaign for Communities, previously known as Global Day of Conversation, is a platform for leaders around the world to engage their communities in discussions about the challenges and opportunities related to sustainability and to come up with real solutions.


NASA astronaut Ron Garan said last year after returning from spending more than five months on the International Space Station situated 250 miles above Earth: “I looked down at this indescribably beautiful fragile oasis, this island that has been given to us and has protected all life from the harshness of space, I couldn’t help thinking of the inequity that exists. I couldn’t help but think of the people who don’t have clean water to drink, enough food to eat, of the social injustice, conflict, and poverty that exist. The stark contrast between the beauty of our planet and the unfortunate realities of life for many of its inhabitants reaffirmed the belief I share with so many. Each and every one of us on this planet has the responsibility to leave it a little better than we found it.”



Become more aware of your environment …


  • Less is More – Purchase items with less packaging
  • Paperless Technologies – think before you print
  • Go Chemical Free – Use environmentally friendly cleaning products in your home and office
  • Light Bulbs – Use energy efficient light bulbs
  • Green Energy – Become more aware of sustainable, renewable, clean energy alternative
  • Recycling – Start a recycling program at your school, office, or workplace
  • Eco-Decor – Convert waste materials into new things that are functional, beautiful, or both
  • Sustainable Reading – Plant a new tree for every book you read. Consider using an e-reader – paperless!
  • Green Transportation – Walk or ride a bicycle where possible
  • Plant a Tree or Garden – Green your environment with trees, gardens and flowers.
  • Unplug – Unplug chargers and other appliances that are not in use.
  • Switch off – Switch off lights in rooms that are not being usedTeach and Learn from our Children – children have an innate understanding of their environment, we can learn so much from them – they are the future


Think globally, act locally, together we can make a difference



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