Chibombo Livelihoods Project

Environment Africa has partnered WFD, a Germany non governmental organisation in working towards the enhancement of food security for subsistence farmers in Chibombo district. Chibombo district is one of the largest districts in the central province of Zambia. The district is located between Lusaka and Kabwe towns. Environment Africa and WFD have been working together in this project for one year now in this three year project whose main activities are:

1. Food Security: All project beneficiaries have improved their food security in terms of agricultural output and diversity of foods produced through sustainable agricultural practices.

2. Income Generation: All projects have set up the necessary structures and procedures for their income generating projects (e.g. utilisation of tree resources as essential and energy oils, honey production, food processing, and vegetable production).

3. PME & Sustainability of projects: All projects have functional management structures in place according to their respective project situations and beneficiaries have acquired the necessary skills to monitor, review and steer their projects.

4. Research, Environmental Education & Awareness, Lobbying & Advocacy: The level of environmental awareness as well as knowledge of best practices has increased beyond the borders of the immediate target communities:

–       schools in the working areas have adopted practice and research-oriented environmental education programmes

–       local authorities and neighbours of project members are showing increased interest in sustainable environmental management practices

–       Pilot projects have been set up in schools and with interested communities to test the viability and usefulness of multipurpose  plant species in environmental management strategies (e.g. production of oils from multipurpose tree  species (like Neem, Jatropha and Moringa) utilisation of such species in hedges for protecting crops etc.).

6. Organisational Development: Environment Africa has a well-established PME, database & documentation system in place, where information about projects, branches and the organisation as a whole can be accessed, analysed and communicated at any given time.

Environment Africa’s main target group are about 750 small scale farmers’ families in Chibombo District in Zambia, as well as 3000 – 4000 pupils in at least 10 schools in rural areas of the same district. The selection of the project’s beneficiaries is based on: their socioeconomic needs as well as their interest and commitment to social and economic improvement.The indirect target group are all other people living in the target communities.

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