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Environment Africa Zambia Team

Environment Africa Zambia country office is made up of dedicated staff members who have experience in various fields in the development sector.

Namo Chuma who is the Country Director has vast knowledge of development and Environment Education spanning a fifteen year period.

Mr. Humphrey Mwankonkesha is a trained Forester combined with experience in Monitoring and Evaluation and has worked in the HIV/AIDS sector for many years.

Mr. Stephen Siame from Kapiri Mposhi is an expert in agriculture and has experience in value addition and creating market linkages for small scale communal farmers.

Mr. Jacob Mwale the country Accountant is a member of the Zambia Institute of Chartered Accountants and is responsible for managing the finances of the organisation.

Ms Luyewe Mwila is an office assistant and provides all the necessary back up an support to admin and field staff.

Ms Cassandra Lundu is a seasoned forester, and is currently running the Environment Africa sub branch in Livingstone.

Mirriam Hamuukwanza is the Field Officer responsible for programming under the Chibombo Livelihoods project.

Mr Werner Sommer is a Development Advisor with WFD, seconded to Environment Africa. He has a wealth of experience from his secondment to many countries in Africa.

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