Our Team

 Board of Governors of Environment Africa

The Board members of Environment Africa are business leaders,  development practitioners, and environmentalists who give of their time and services on a voluntary basis and are truly committed to serving the organization.

Environment Africa is an African environmental and sustainable development movement, driven forward by members, volunteers, staff, partners and a demand led approach from the communities and countries in which we work.


Albert Katsande  – Chairman of the Board of Environment Africa  

Albert Kastsande - Chairman

“We believe that protecting the African Environment promotes Sustainable Development and helps combat Climate Change locally and globally.“

Born in Zimbabwe.  Albert has a Masters of Business Administration from the University of Zimbabwe and a BSc (Hons) in Economics.   Albert has been CEO of OK Zimbabwe Ltd, the largest listed retail supermarket chain in Zimbabwe since 2001 and is Chairman of the Board of Directors of Environment Africa.





The Management Team of Environment Africa

Environment Africa has a dedicated, passionate team who bring a broad spectrum of skills and experience to the organization.  Environment Africa believes that people are the key to successful programmes and projects both at organizational level and at community level

The impact of our work is visible in the successful self-sustaining community based environmental, agro-ecology, advocacy, and conservation initiatives of communities in Environment Africa’s areas of operation.



Charlene Hewat – CEO

Charlene Hewat - CEO

“I truly believe in the ‘African Way’ and together with our passionate team, community members and supporters, we know that  in the long term,  AID is not the solution for our people and our continent and that we need to move from AID to TRADE.  To achieve this, Environment Africa is promoting the concept of PPCP’s, Private, Public, Community Partnerships, bringing the ’C’, Community into the ‘P’s’ and have established the Africa Green Fund as a funding mechanism to achieve these goals.”

Born in Chinhoyi, Zimbabwe

A highly respected, experienced and passionate conservationist, environmental development leader and Sustainable Development Practitioner.  Charlene has spent the last 25 years dedicated to her country, Zimbabwe and Southern Africa, to improving and uplifting communities lives through her strong belief in developing self sustainability and to the protection and conservation of the environment.  She believes the future of conservation, wildlife and community upliftment lies in the implementation of PPCP’s, Private, Public, Community Partnerships.

She has an MCS Development Management from the Open University UK.

Charlene is well known for the epic bike ride she undertook in 1986 at the age of 22, from the UK to Zimbabwe, riding 22,000km and crossing over into Victoria Falls 18 months later in 1987 to raise awareness and funds to fight rhino poaching in Zimbabwe.

In 1990 she co-founded Environment 2000, which was later rebranded Environment Africa and of which she is CEO today and is responsible for Policy, Planning and Executive Management.

Charlene has dedicated her life, committed to conservation and communities.  She has an innate understanding and knowledge of local communities and through her years of working within communities knows that conservation has to work hand in hand with sustainable development and empowerment of those local communities.

She has won many awards over the years including the prestigious Junior Chambers International Award: for The Most Outstanding Young Persons of The World for Environmental Leadership.

Other awards have been Personality of the Year for the Environment, Culture and the Arts

Outstanding service to the community and The Communicator of the Year Award

National and International Committees

2008  – 2010 :           Co-Chair of the International ISO26000 Committee (International Standard for  Social Responsibility) Task Group 5

2004 – 2010 :            Chair of SAZ ISO 26000 (International Standard for Social Responsibility) – Mirror Committee Zimbabwe.

2004 – 2006 :            Member of Confederation of Zimbabwe Industries (Environment and Development Committee)

1998 – 2004  :           Natural Resources Board of Zimbabwe



Innocent Paradzayi Hodzonge – Regional Director

Innocent Paradzayi Hodzonge - Regional Director

“It is people who bring about the change and make the difference.  Often all they need is a little bit of encouragement, and support.”

Born in Mrewa, Zimbabwe.

Started out his career in education in 1989 before joining the Wildlife Society of Zimbabwe in 1997 to 1999.  During this time he completed a course in Environmental Education through Rhodes University, South Africa, went on to study a BA in Development through MSTDC Arusha Tanzania in partnership with Kimmage University Ireland and completed an MSc in Disaster Management.

Innocent joined Environment Africa in the year 2000 as a Community Programme Manager and has moved up the ranks through the years to his current position as Regional Director.

President of Environmental Education Association of Southern Africa from 2001 to 2007.

Elected to the Management Council of the Regional Organisation – Environmental Education Association of Southern Africa from 2000 to 2008.



Barbara Banda – Country Director Malawi

Barbara Banda - Country Director Malawi

“Being a mother, and grandmother has influenced my commitment to see Mother Earth conserved for the sake of future generations. I have found inspiration from the ingenuity of the women of Africa who, given half the chance can transform their livelihoods and resource use patterns of entire nations.”

A committed environmentalist and development professional.  Barbara has a Masters Degree in Development Management through the Open University, UK and has contributed to a number publications on environmental and sustainability issues over the years.  She has spent the past 28 years dedicated to uplifting communities through the sustainable and profitable use of their own natural resources with a passion for the tenacity and ingenuity of the women of Africa.

Barbara joined Environment Africa in February 2001 and is currently based in Lilongwe, Malawi as Country Director for Malawi.  She also travels frequently to participate in various global climate change initiatives and is currently a sitting member of the Core-group of African experts developing Climate Change M&E tools for adaptation projects.


Namo Chuma – Country Director Zambia


Namo Chuma - Country Director Zambia

“Working with Environment Africa is not only a job, it is a way of life, and I get real satisfaction seeing our environment protected and the lives of our communities transformed, especially the youth.”

Born in Hwange, Zimbabwe.

Namo started out his career as a Geography teacher.  He became actively involved in environmental issues in 1997 and completed development studies in Tanzania. Has a Masters degree in Development Management through the Free State University in South Africa.

Namo joined Environment Africa in 1999 and established the Victoria Falls branch and is currently working on strengthening the projects of Environment Africa in Zambia. He is passionate about Youth, Conservation and Communities and is a strong advocate and lobbyist for protecting and conserving the environment.


Banarbas Mawire – Country Director Zimbabwe

Banarbas Mawire - Country Director Zimbabwe

“I have a true passion and love for the environment of Zimbabwe.  Being a Forester by profession, I live, sleep and dream trees and I am inspired by sustainable utilization of our natural resources for the protection and upliftment of our communties.”

Known as Barney, born in Mt Darwin in Zimbabwe.

Education includes a Master Of Arts In Development Management (Ruhr University, Bochum, Germany)

Post Graduate Diploma in Project Planning and Management (University of Zimbabwe)

BSc in Geography and Environmental Studies (Zimbabwe Open University) Diploma in Forestry (Cyprus Forestry College, Prodromos, Republic of Cyprus)

Barney joined Environment Africa in 2002 as a Community Programme Co-Ordinator and is currently Country Director for Environment Africa.

Is a member on the National Climate Change Committee of Zimbabwe.