Sustainable Livelihoods – Beekeeping in Zimbabwe “Bees Keep Trees”

Chigondo Honey produced by communities in Wedza With the UN’s 2011 focus being International Year of Forests, to encourage global forest conservation and sustainable consumption for green growth, we share another successful initiative from Zimbabwe.  It is recognized that forest goods and services remain very critical to the poor and marginalized.  They can contribute to […]

Gache Gache Wilderness Area, Kariba – Community Anti Poaching Unit puts a stop to fish and wildlife poaching.

Charlie Hewat, CEO Environment Africa, with Gache Gache Anti-Poaching Unit. The area around the Gache Gache Lodge situated on the south bank of the eastern basin of Lake Kariba has been teaming with illegal poachers and fishermen netting large amounts of fish and destroying the natural breeding sanctuary for fish in the river system.  Illegal […]

Green Schools – Water Wells & Nutrition Gardens

“Water – no matter who we are, what we do, or where we live, our lives depend on it.”   HIV and poverty are the two main killers of children and adults in Southern Africa, leaving thousands of orphans unable to attend school and in the care of their elders and community members, many of […]

Launch of the Green Zambezi Alliance, Africa Green Fund and African Green Acre

Years of economic instability in Zimbabwe has had a devastating impact on the environment. The collapse of the commercial farming industry, poverty, indiscriminate slaughter and poaching of wildlife, wide scale deforestation and poor farming methods, have contributed to the critical state of our natural resources and wildlife. If we do not act now, there will be no legacy for future generations.