For Every Child a Tree launch

For every child a tree logo“For Every Child A Tree”

Zimbabwe’s National Tree Planting day officially takes place on the first Saturday in December.       Environment Africa has been involved in tree planting projects for many years and is proud to be  launching “For Every Child A Tree”.  This campaign is supported by the Forestry Commission of Zimbabwe and is encouraging individuals, families, communities, business, organisations and schools to get children and youth involved and to plant trees.  CEO of Environment Africa, Charlene Hewat believes ‘We are all children of the planet, imagine the impact we could have if each one of us planted a tree in our name’.

Environment Africa is also proud to announce Wayne Black as the ‘For Every Child A Tree’ Goodwill Ambassador.  Born and raised in Zimbabwe, Wayne is a well known tennis player, having won 2 Grand Slam men’s double titles with compatriot Kevin Ullyett and 2 Grand Slam mixed titles with his sister, Cara.  Wayne has a passion for trees and runs an indigenous tree nursery called Pure Earth Trees.  In his words, ‘We need to appreciate our environment and to understand how trees and bushes fit into the circle of life.  The fauna they attract and sustain, not to mention animals and humans that benefit from them.  Trees are a true wonder and miracle that surround us, sadly, many of us overlook this as we race through our every day lives”.

The Zimbabwe national Tree of the Year for 2012 is the beautiful Red Mahogany.

For Every Child A Tree is a national campaign, so get involved, make a difference, take up the action and plant trees.