A concept from Environment Africa was brought to life by the talented artists of the Ruoko Project, Elephant’s Walk, Victoria Falls in December 2012.  This larger than life Rhino was created with a framework of steel and her body is moulded with recycled beverage cans. Her horns were crafted with wire from snares recovered by the Victoria Falls Anti Poaching Unit (VFAPU) and Zimbabwe National Parks & Wildlife Authority and symbolize hope for her species.

Twalumba is an ambassador to raise awareness around recycling, conservation and the  environment.  When she is not traveling, spreading the message, her home will be at Elephant’s Walk, so be sure to pay her a visit if you are in Victoria Falls.

Her name, Twalumba means “thank you” in Tonga – she is thanking you for looking after her species and mother earth.

Created entirely by the human hand from the heart!