Umfurudzi Green Fund


  • To promote and encourage environmental awareness and action in and around Umfurudzi Park which is in the Umfurudzi Safari Area and is constituted and defined in a joint venture agreement entered into between a Private Enterprise and the Parks and Wildlife Management Authority (hereinafter referred to as “Umfurudzi Park”)
  • To build up a capital base to support and assist Wildlife & Environment Protection Unit (WEPU) and other environmental and social welfare initiatives in the Umfurudzi Park
  • To promote the identification of sound environmental friendly strategies, practices and activities that conserve the environment and the well-being of the local community
  • To assist the region of Umfurudzi including but not limited to Umfurudzi Park in its desire to become recognized as a Wilderness Area on a national, regional and international level
  • To ensure the continued protection of the Umfurudzi Park with its distinctive assets for present and future generations


  • Reintroduction of Wildlife into Umfurudzi Park
  • Environmental Conservation