Our Projects

Title of activity Promoting the ecological rights of children, the enhancement of knowledge of climate change issues and the ability to adapt to the impacts of climate change in 30 schools of 4 agricultural camps in the districts of Chisamba and Chibombo in Central Province, Zambia


Source of funds Kinder NotHilfe luxembourg
Location of activities Chibombo and Chisamba districts
Project summary  The project seeks to build the adaptive capacity of communities and schools to climate change and other disasters through sustainable natural resources management. Communities and schools  develop climate change adaptation plans and policies. 600 small scale farmers and 30 schools are participating in the project



Title of activity To increase environmental awareness and advocacy actions by children, youth and civil society organizations, at local, national and regional level, towards the fulfilment of the right of children to a healthy and safe environment.
Source of funds Terre Des Homes Germany
Location of activities Livingstone
Project summary The project focuses on raising awareness on children‘s environmental rights as enshrined in the UNCRC. The project seeks to build the capacity of school children in advocating for actions that help decision makers to consider problems that affect children. Children have formed ecological rights clubs and they have developed school based advocacy plans to address environmental problems. Youth Climate change ambassadors have been trained and are actively involved in carrying out  awareness sessions to fellow youths. 3 youths advocacy projects focusing on the Youth Fund, National Budget process and youth unemployment have been initiated with support from JCTR.


Title of activity Kabwe Lead Remediation Project
Source of funds PURE EARTH/TDH
Location of activities Chowa Township, Kabwe
Project summary The Project is focusing on protecting children s’ right to live in a clean environment. 300 households will be cleaned of lead by the end of the project. 30 schools have been trained in reducing exposure to lead.  Community members are being empowered with knowledge on their environmental rights and how they can access justice from the responsible authorities in as far as lead contamination is concerned.


Title of activity Strengthening community participation in environmental policy implementation and governance in Livingstone and Kazungula districts, Zambia.
Source of funds Zambia Governance Foundation
Location of activities 10 wards in Livingstone and Kazungula Districts
Project summary The project targets communities in urban and rural areas in 10 wards in Livingstone and Kazungula districts. The main objective of the project is to enhance community participation in environmental decision making and policy formulation processes. The focus is on the implementation of the Environment Management Act of 2011 and the Environmental Impact Assessment guidelines. The Livingstone City Council has recognised the Environmental Action Groups as official community engagement platforms. The Zambia Environment Management Agency also acknowledged the importance of the initiative and agreed to work with EA in sensitising communities.